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Backpacking in Yosemite: Young Lakes

September  2008: These Roosevelt elk fought right outside of our campsite at the Railroad Camp in Sinkyone Wilderness.  The reigning harem bull managed to hold onto his harem despite being challenged by a significantly

larger male.

Fall Rut 2008 - Sinkyone Wilderness
Click picture below for a clip of an elk bugling.
Elk Bugle for web 2.wmv
Elk Fight for Web 2.wmv
Click picture below for a short clip of an elk fight.

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This web site is dedicated to the wild Elk and other beautiful animals of the western United States.


     We have spent several years watching and photographing Elk and other wildlife. With this site we wish to share some of our pictures, video and stories about the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of the Western United States. Many of our photographs are taken within the spectacular parks of Montana, Wyoming, and California, including Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Yosemite, and Sinkyone Wilderness.  We hope you enjoy our photographs as much as we enjoyed taking them!  Our site is still under construction, so please come back to see updates to our site.




There are currently four ecotypes of Elk in North America; they are the Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Tule Elk, and the Manitoban Elk. Each ecotype has uniquely adapted to a different ecosystem. The Roosevelt Elk live along the pacific coast from northern California to Canada, thriving in the region’s temperate rain forests. The Tule Elk adapted to the flatlands of the California central valley, but today are mainly confined to only certain reserves within the state - Point Reyes, Cache Creek and Sunol Wilderness to name a few. The Rocky Mountain Elk, as their name suggests, live in the northern Rocky Mountains from Colorado to Canada, and are the most abundant ecotype. The Manitoban Elk live mainly in Canada, where more than half can still be found in a single reserve.  Please see our wildlife gallery for photographs of Rocky Mountain, Roosevelt, and Tule Elk.



      – Lee Noel & Avery

Wildlife Clips June 2008 – Yellowstone National Park

September 2005: One of the biggest bulls we’ve ever seen watches

his harem near the Madison River inside Yellowstone National Park.

September is a wonderful time to be in Yellowstone.  There are

fewer crowds in the park and the fall rut is in full swing.

Rocky Mountain Elk – Yellowstone National Park
Rocky Mountain Elk Gallery
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Wolves – Yellowstone National Park
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Wolf Gallery

December 2006: The Slough Creek Pack running in Lamar Valley. Highly visible from the park road, observers were able to spend hours watching the Sloughs feed, howl and display other fascinating behaviours.  Traditionally, winter is the best time to view wolves inside Yellowstone National Park.  

Yellowstone Highlights for Web.wmv

Click picture below for wildlife clips  from Yellowstone.

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Our beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife are fragile and must be protected.  Please see our links page for some of the organizations who work to protect our natural heritage. Every donation makes a difference.

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